Delphin Expert Transient ET-16

16 Channel Transient Signal Data Acquisition System

  • 16 Synchronously sample analog input channels
  • 4 Digital inputs
  • 4 Analog outputs
  • 8 Digital outputs
  • Triggered and continuous acquisition modes
  • Sampling rates of up to 50 kHz per channel
  • High measurement precision (24-bit ADC)
  • Remotely connect via WiFi, UMTS or LTE
  • 16 Gb data storage
  • Alarms via email or text message
  • Software required and sold separately

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Expert Transient ET-16 Data Acquisition System

The Delphin Expert Transient ET-16 Data Acquisition System is a high speed, high accuracy data acquisition system capable of synchronously acquiring and saving analog measurement data up to a sampling rate of 50 kHz per channel in combination with digital signals.

Available with 16 analog inputs as well as 4 digital inputs. It can be extended by up to 100 analog or digital inputs.

Input Signals:

  • Acquisition and analysis of high-speed, transient signals
  • Triggered or continuous recording modes
  • Synchronous acquisition of 16 galvanically isolated, analog signals
  • Sampling rates of up to 50 kHz per channel
  • High measurement precision (24-bit ADC)
  • Four synchronous digital inputs

Trigger and Monitoring Functions:

  • User-defined, multiple, flexible trigger events
  • User-defined data storage partitions and triggers
  • High-speed digital outputs for limit value violations
  • Alarms via email or text message
  • Suitable for the acquisition of periodic signals (option to calculate FFT and characteristic values)

Signal Conditioning:

  • Online computation of effective and peak values
  • Upper wave analysis
  • Online FFT analysis

Interfaces and Design:

  • Measurement and device configuration via LAN / Wi-Fi
  • Remote connectivity via Wi-Fi, UMTS or LTE
  • Highly compact design

Data Recording:

  • Independent, internal 16 GB data storage capability
  • Long-term data recording to NAS or SCSI drives
  • Absolute-time synchronization via GPS or NTP
  • Automated FTP upload
  • Internal time synchronization via PTP

The Expert Transient is suitable for fault diagnostics in machinery and plants. Typical applications include the evaluation of pressure pulses /surges, fast process monitoring and controller optimization, shock and vibration measurement, and materials research and environmental simulation. It can also be supplied in a robust mobile measurement case for field deployments in harsh environments. The standard device, equipped with plug-in terminals, is ideal for use with test stands or in laboratories.


Inputs / Outputs
Analog Inputs8 or 16
Sampling rate, set per channel1 Hz … 50.000 Hz
Voltage / Current Ranges±25 V/O … 20 mA, 4 … 20 mA, free
Signal conditioning, software switchableNone, AC-coupling, IEPE
Resolution / input impedance24 Bit / 4 M Ω
Dielectric withstand voltage / galvanic isolation Channel to Channel± 100 VDC / ± 400 VDC
Effective Signal band widthDC … 20 kHz
Digital frequency inputs4
Input signallow: 0 … 2 V / high: 5 … 50 VDC@3,5 mA / galvancially isolated
Measurement range, frequency inputs0,2 Hz…1 MHz
Analog outputs4
Resolution16 Bit
Output range0 … 10 V / ±10 V/O … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA / galvaniically isolated
Min / Max load resistance500 Ω
Digital outputs8
Switching voltage / switching current / PWM50 V / 0,6 A / galvancially isolated / 5 Hz … 10 KHz, 50 1:500
Data Storage
max size / measurement values16 GB / …1 billion measurement values
Signal processing functions
High pass / low pass / bandpass filters
Cut-off frequency / filter ordering / filter characteristics0,5 … 20,000 Hz / 4 4, 6, 8, 10 / Bessel, and others
Line number / window function / averagingmax. 12,800 lines / Hanning, flat-top … / 2…32-times
FFT typesNarrow band / wide band, envelope / demoduclation, amplittude / phase spectra
Characteristic values from time signals
Max / Min values, peak to peak values, arithmetical avg, TRMS, RMS of product
Characterstic values from a frequency spectra
Frequency, main oscillation phase, any harmonic amplitude, frequency, total value, quadratic mean (in any frequency band), total or residual value
Physical Equipment COM 1 / COM 2RS485, 9 pole sub-d connectors, DIN EN ISO 19245-1
Physical Equipment COM 3RS232, 9 pole sub-d connector
LAN1 x 1000Base-TX / 1 x 100Base-T
WiFi / WWAN802.11b/g/n / GPRS, UMTS, TE
USBDevice 2.0 / Host 2.0
Profibus2 x Profibus DPV1 / Slave max. 12 Mbit
CAN / RS 232/4852w x CAN 2.0 / Modbus RTU, SCPT, ASCII
General Technical Information
Dimensions /weight210 mm x 80 mm x 125 mm / 750 g
FixingDIN EN 60715 rail or screw fixing, plug-in screw terminals, 96 terminals in 2 rows
Signal connectionsmax 1,5 mm2
Temperature range-20 … 60°C
Power supply / power input12 … 24 VDC /± 10% / ca. 20 Watts


ProfiSignal Software

The configuration of ProfiMessage is done with the included software “Data Service Configurator/Device Configurator”. The representation of the channels is clear and intuitive operation , similar to Windows Explorer. Double-click on a channel will open a configuration dialog in which all channel properties can be adjusted. The individual configuration files are stored in XML format in the ProfiMessage equipment and can be alternatively edited with an XML editor offline.

All measured values can be transferred online stores and will work on PCs or servers. The visualization or analysis is done with the ProfiSignal software dolphin or OPC Server with any software. This provides the ProfiSignal software in combination with a conventional device TopMessage up to 1000 times higher time resolution than a SCADA system.

In addition ProfiSignal as universal software for data acquisition, test automation and data acquisition applications. The range of application ranging from simple data storage and visualization to a complete automation solution with reporting.

Go with the three different versions, Basic and clicks ProfiSignal is suitable scalable.

ProfiSignal Go – Software for data acquisition
ProfiSignal Basic – software for process visualization and monitoring
ProfiSignal Klicks – software for the automation of process and measurement procedures

ProfiMessage Software Channels

Monitoring and automation tasks can be realised using ProfiMessage software channels. Software channels are pre-defined function modules that users can generate and configure per mouse click and then subsequently run within the device. All functions are performed autonomously by the powerful internal processor. This guarantees full operational security for the ProfiMessage device.