Infinite ADS-410

  • 1 Analog Input 0-1V
  • 1 Digital/Counter Input
  • SDI-12 Up to 16 Channels
  • Modbus RS- 485 up to 8 Channels
  • Sensor Excitation 5 and 12VDC
  • Works on Itron Gen5 Wireless Network
  • Battery-powered



The ADS-410 Gen5 Sensor node is a battery-powered end node for the Itron Gen5 Wireless Network. The device supports serial communications with digital sensors using the popular SDI-12 and MODBUS protocols. Additional digital and analog inputs and an internal battery gauge are included. It provides two excitation options for external sensors. The unit uses the Milli 5 module for the connectivity to the Itron Gen5 Network.

The ADS-410 allows periodic capture and data transmission of sensor data via the Itron network for advanced analysis and applications. It also provides immediate alarm messages and periodic health messages for verifying unit availability. A built-in continuous battery gauge monitors cumulative consumption to allow for notification when it’s time to replace the battery. Remote configuration of operation parameters is available as well as the ability to scale parameters and user-definable alarm limits.

The ADS-410 is designed to piggy-back onto an existing AMR network to allow for specialized applications including environmental monitoring, weather and flood monitoring, water resource management, leak detection, and other non-standard device monitoring.

We also carry two Sigfox wireless sensor end nodes by Infinite:

Infinite ADS-260: for collecting and transmitting data from analog and SDI-12 or Modbus serial sensors

Infinite ADS-261: for collecting and transmitting data from bridge strain gauge sensors


Analog Input 0-1V, 12bit
Digital Input 1, 0-30V, dry contact
Counters 1, Up to 2kHz
SDI-12 Up to 16 channels
ModBus RS-485 up to 8 channels
Sensor Excitation 12VDC, 250mA
5 VDC, 200mA
Internal Supply 3.6V Lithium Thionyl battery
External Supply 5V ±2%
Supply Current Idle: 10μA max
Sampling: 2.7mA
Transmit: 48mA
Wireless Communication Itron GEN5, Milli5 module
Antenna SMA Jack
Serial Interface USB, 115 kBit/s
Operating Temperature -40°…65°C
Dimensions 124mm x 79.5mm x 70mm
Protection IP66/68


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