dataTaker LabVIEW Driver

  • Interface to the LabVIEW graphical programming environment
  • Follows standard LabVIEW conventions
  • Customizable code within the driver
  • Extensive examples
  • Integrated documentation
  • Configure and/or acquire data via serial or Ethernet
  • Allows flexible solutions to be developed

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The dataTaker LabVIEW Driver is a comprehensive library of VIs that allows dataTaker range of data loggers to be configured and queried from LabVIEW.

Use the driver VIs to take care of all the communications and data formatting of the dataTaker data loggers, allowing you to concentrate on your application rather than how to interface to the data logger

With flexible, universal analog, digital and serial inputs, dataTaker hardware can be used for real-time data acquisition, in addition to being perfect for applications requiring stand-alone operation in remote or distributed locations with limited power supply.


A comprehensive help file is available, with chapters on getting started, dataTaker concepts, and documentation on each of the VIs, linked to each LabVIEW VI used.

LabVIEW Environment

The dataTaker LabVIEW driver follows standard LabVIEW conventions so users familiar with the LabVIEW programming environment can focus on using the dataTaker hardware.


There are a number of examples throughout the driver, demonstrating different ways to use the dataTaker data loggers.

DT8x data loggers

The dataTaker DT8x driver for LabVIEW has been written to interface to the DT80 data loggers


DT800 and DT5xx data loggers

The dataTaker Instrument driver for LabVIEW has been written to interface to the DT800 data loggers and the DT5xx range