Novus LogBox 3G Cellular 2 Channel Data Logger

  • 2 Universal analog inputs – TC, RTD, Voltage or 4-20 mA
  • 1 Digital input
  • 1 Digital output
  • 3 Line 4.5 digit display
  • Storage for 140,000 data points
  • 3G Cellular and USB interfaces
  • Option GPS antenna
  • Battery or external DC supply




The Novus LogBox 3G Cellular 2 Channel Data Logger

The LogBox 3G provides 2 universal analog inputs, 1 digital input and 1 digital output with an internal 3G wireless cellular modem and compatibility with the NOVUS Cloud web portal. The universal inputs accept thermocouples and RTD’s for temperature plus voltage and 4-20 mA signals. It can be equipped with an optional GPS antenna to allow location tracking in mobile applications. The LogBox can store up to 140,000 points in internal memory and also features a large display and removable bracket and connectors. Configuration and data downloading can be performed with the NXperience Windows software, which can access the LogBox via USB or through the Novus Cloud


Nxperience Windows software is the main tool for configuration and data download of theLogBox Connect. All parameters and features can be adjusted through LogBox USB Interface or via the Novus cloud, turning NXperience into a powerful tool for data analysis, graphical view, mathematical formulas creation and reporting.


J-100°C to 760°C0.1°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-148°F to 1400°F0.2°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
K-150°C to 1370°C0.1°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-238°F to 2498°F0.2°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
T-160°C to 400°C0.1°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-256°F to 752°F0.2°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
N-270°C to 1300°C0.1°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-454°F to 2372°F0.2°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
E-90°C to 720°C0.1°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-130°F to 1328°F0.2°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
R-50°C to 1760°C0.3°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-58°F to 3200°F0.5°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
S-50°C to 1760°C0.4°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-58°F to 3200°F0.7°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
B500°C to 1800°C0.4°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
932°F to 3272°F0.7°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
PT100-200°C to 650°C0.1°C0.15% of Range
0.0 to 50mV.003mV0.15% of Range
0.0 to 5.0V0.6mV0.15% of Range
0.0 to 10.0V0.6mV0.15% of Range
0.0 to 20mA.001mA0.15% of Range
4.0 to 20mA.001mA0.15% of Range
Internal Temperature Sensor
-40°C to 125°C0.1°C0.15% of Range ± .5°C
-40°F to 257°F0.1°F0.15% of Range ± .9°F
Digital Input
Input Low0 to 0.5VDC
Input High3 to 30VDC
Input Impedance270K Ohms
Max Input Voltage30 VDC
Counter Mode0 to 65535 Counts0.15% of Range
Maximum FrequencyDry Contact – 10 Hz
PNP and NPN – 2 kHz
Minimum Pulse WidthDry Contact – 50 msec
PNP and NPN – 250 usec
Digital Output
Maximum Current200mA
Maximum VoltagePower Supply Voltage
3 Lines, 4 1/2 digits
A/D Resolution
15 Bits
Memory Capacity
140,000 Readings
Record Interval
1 Second to 18 Hours
Record Mode
Instantaneous or Average
Record Trigger
Date/Time, Start Button, Digital Inputs, Software
2 per Channel, 10 Total
Internal Buzzer, SMS
USB and 3G Cellular
Power Supply
InternalBackup battery
External10 – 30VDC
Estimated Battery Life
2 Years at 5 Minute Logging Interval
Operation Temperature
Standard Battery0° to 45°C
External Power-20° to 70°C
120 x 100 x 40 mm