OdaLog OdaTrak 4-20mA Adapter

  • Unique adapter fully sealed, proven & robust design
  • Standard M20 electrical thread, special machined housing for easy mounting of the OdaTrak fiber optic cable
  • Outputs a fault signal on the 4-20mA line alerting user to fault condition
  • Rugged fiber optic cable
  • provides real-time data available when connected to a PLC or SCADA system



Additional Equipment Required

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The OdaLog OdaTrak 4 to 20 mA adapter is primarily designed as an interface between the OdaLog gas logger and industrial control systems for the purpose of continuous, real-time optimization of chemical dosing odor control systems and connection to telemetry and other systems.

OdaTrak Key Features:

  • Easy to transmit data incorporates a 4-20mA adapter to transmit gas data using a fiber optic cable
  • Real-time data readily available when connected to a PLC or SCADA system
  • Specifically designed for harsh wastewater environments: unique adapter fully sealed, proven & robust design
  • Quick & easy installation: standard M20 electrical thread, special machined housing for easy mounting of the OdaTrak fiber optic cable
  • Programmed fault detection: OdaTrak detects loss of data from the OdaLog, will output a fault signal on the 4-20mA line alerting the user to a fault condition
  • Special fiber optic cable: safe to use in most commonly found hazardous environments.
  • Two models of cables are available, both with stainless steel connectors;
    1. standard coating for the fiber optic cable
    2. extra protective sheath added over the cable for harsher wastewater environments.

How It Works:

Data sent from the OdaLog L2 logger equipped with a fiber optic interface over a fiber optic cable which is then read by the OdaTrak adapter. It then provides a corresponding signal on a 4-20mA loop which is powered externally.

The system enables the OdaLog L2 to be interfaced with telemetry and control systems to provide the user with real-time gas data.

In normal operation, the OdaTrak System requires two long-term OdaLog loggers so that they can be rotated in service with each logger in service no longer than four weeks, while the other OdaLog logger is allowed to recover either in fresh air or via the dry-dock.

The OdaTrak System is not intrinsically safe.

Typical OdaTrak Applications:

  • Water Authorities
  • Odor Control Companies
  • Chemical Vendors
  • Water Treatment Plant Municipalities
  • Existing OdaLog L2 Users

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Instrument Temp Range -10°C (14°F) to 40°C (104°F)
Relative Humidity Range 15-90% (non-condensing)
Pressure Range Atmospheric ± 10%
Maximum loop-to-housing voltage 28VDC
Loop supply voltage limits

Normal operating voltage: Absolute min-max limits

12VDC to 24VDC (regulated supply – no ripple)

8VDC to 28VDC

Note: The OdaTrak adapter is powered from the 4 to 20mA loop

Maximum loop resistance 112 ohms at 12VDC, 602 ohms at 24VDC
0% FSD 4.0mA
100% FSD 20.0mA
Under range limit, – 2.5% FSD 3.6mA
Over range limit, +20% FSD 23.2mA
Fault signal 3.5mA
Loss of OdaLog link timeout 30 seconds
IP Rating IP66
Fiber Optic Cable Length 5 meters to 100 meters
Fiber Optic Cable Min. Bend Radius 40mm
External Dimensions 40mm diameter x 85mm long
Weight 150grams / 5.3oz

Service & Warranty


The OdaTrak adapter requires no regular servicing. However, we recommend that the OdaLog L2 is returned to an authorized OdaLog service center at least once every six months for a full inspection, calibration, and linearity testing.


12 months warranty for the OdaLog L2 and the OdaTrak System when used in accordance with the operator’s manual (excluding calibration and freight costs).


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