Grant OQ610

Portable 6 Channel Temperature Data Logger with PaintView Software

  • 6 Type K or T thermocouple inputs
  • Portable, battery-operated
  • Cure % calculation
  • Fast sample rate – up to 8x per second
  • Automatic start/stop logging based on time or temperature



OQ610 Portable Temperature Data Logger – Dedicated data logger for temperature and through process monitoring

This portable temperature data logger is suitable for a wide range of temperature recording applications in industry, research and development. The OQ610 Portable Temperature Data Logger can be used as a stand-alone temperature data logger or as part of a complete system for through process monitoring in the food and paint industries.

With the addition of a thermal barrier, the Grant OQ610 is suitable for use in through process applications where heat treatment is being used to produce a product. To ensure consistent quality of heat-treated products, it is important to have proof that they have passed through the manufacturing process at the right temperature for the right amount of time. By passing the Grant OQ610 oven logger through the process along with the products, a temperature profile can be produced to show exactly what is happening to the products and the process. Benefits include improved quality of your product and increased efficiency, reduced energy costs, quality assurance reports for compliance and traceability and complete quality control for your process.

Key Features

  • 6 channels for use with a wide range of K or T type thermocouple probes
  • Battery operated and easily portable
  • Simple 3 button operation via built-in display or from PC
  • Can be configured to automatically start and stop logging at specific times or temperature levels
  • Fast sample rates for fast process times: up to 8 samples/second
  • Can provide automatic cure calculation in through process applications
  • Non-volatile memory provides up to 260,000 readings of secure data
  • Time and date reported with each reading
  • Magnetic catch for battery compartment


Squirrel OQ-610 Technical Specifications

Accuracy -50 to 500°C – ± 0.5°C
-200 to 1300°C – ± 1.0°C
Resolution 0.1°
Sampling rate Fastest: eight times per second per channel
Slowest: once every two hours per channel
Channel 6 K or T type thermocouples
Temperature measuring range 200°C to 1300°C (K type)
-200°C to 400°C (T type)
Operating environment Temperature range -30 to 65°C
Humidity 95%
Memory Flash memory of 260,000 readings
Maximum runs stored 8
Communication USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
Display Alphanumeric display of 2 x 16 characters shows pass/fail, battery status, probes connected, real time
readings and communication to printer or P
Power supply Two AA cells to give 200 hours operation at default settings
Dimensions and weight (l x w x h), g 148 mm x 95 mm x 21 mm, 450


SquirrelView & SquirrelView Plus Software


SquirrelView is a universal software package that is included with every new Grant Squirrel data logger.

Its intuitive, user friendly, spreadsheet style interface allows quick set-up of the data logger for any application,
speedy download of data and direct export to Excel™. SquirrelView Plus gives additional benefits such as
graphical data analyses and advanced reporting options.

Minimum PC specification: – Windows® XP, Vista or Windows 7; Pentium II 266MHz;
60Mb hard disk space and 1 CD drive, color SVGA screen (1024×768 recommended),
at least one RS232 or one USB port, mouse.

Key features

  • Intuitive, user friendly spreadsheet style setup allows quick logger configuration in any
  • Flexible data presentation allows you to quickly display and analyse real time or historical data as a line graph, bar chart or analog gauge
  • Graphical alarm and event identification lets you easily identify occurrences around specific
    analog or digital events e.g. pump coming on
  • Quick Graph function lets you quickly and easily view large data files
  • Export data into Excel™ in real time, or as a CSV file for customisable data analysis
  • Easily view and control the logger status from one single screen
  • Use the simple communication wizard for hassle free working with modems, Ethernet, GSM, etc.
  • Download data by date, time or events, saving time when working via modem or looking for specific data
  • Save settings on the PC for efficient re-use
  • Protect your data and set-up configurations with the security function

SquirrelView Plus-Analysis

SquirrelView Plus lets you quickly and easily analyse the data from your Squirrel data logger in a familiar
Explorer™ style interface. Data can be displayed with 2 different auto scaling Y-axes. This is particularly useful
when displaying widely varying data from different sensors on one graph. You can also zoom in on areas of
interest, use a cursor to pick out exact values, times and dates, get a statistical summary of your data, set high and
low alarm thresholds and, using the calculation function, you can create new virtual channels from existing

SquirrelView Plus also incorporates a report generation facility, which allows you to create custom report templates
consisting of a title page with descriptive text, headers and footers, graphs, tabular list of data, statistics and data
logger setup information. Templates can be setup with any of these combinations and saves time when preparing
similar presentations of data.

SquirrelView & SquirrelView Plus

SquirrelView Plus Version only

  • Setup can be verified before it is sent to the logger
  • Converts setup files from previous Setwise software
    to SquirrelView
  • Hide facility allows you to tailor setup interface to your
    own requirements
  • Print setup information
Meter Mode
    • Displays up to 16 channels in real time
    • 3 Plot types: line graphs, gauges & dials
    • Auto scaling of Y axis
    • Value readout at cursor position
    • Saves metered data for re-use in other software


  • Graph printout facility
  • Graph can be presented in various style
  • Download directly as a CSV file
  • Download straight to a graph
  • Download by date & time (SQ20xx only)
  • Data downloader application ( SQ2010, SQ2020,
    2040 series
  • Easy to use export wizard
  • Customisable data export for Excel™, Lotus™ or
    other applications
  • Export viewer allows quick view facility of data
Additional Features
  • Tips of the day – provides informative shortcuts
  • Logger diagnostics
  • Security feature enables password setup
  • Communication wizard enables easy setup of USB
    (20xx only), RS232, Ethernet and Modem, Wi-Fi ( WiFi models only)
  • Interactive Help
  • Spanish and German versions availabl
  • Easy analysis for: SQ20xx, SQ400/800,SQ1000,
    SQ1600, SQ1200/1250 and 600 series loggers
  • Easy to use Explorer style interface
  • Fully configurable data views
  • Creation of templates
  • Flexibility for customisable reports
  • Facility to include text comments with graphs
  • Flexible zoom feature including X and Y axis
  • Statistics calculator
  • Auto scaling of Y axis
  • Value readout at cursor position
  • Set and view high and low level thresholds
  • Customisable report facility: prints out graphs,
  • Tolerance curve
  • Calculated channels
  • User notes
  • Archives
  • File convertor from Setwise and Squirrelwise
  • Product cure calculation
  • Display oven profiles and oven zones
  • Append/add data files
  • Import CSV file
Minimum Computer Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows XP™, Vista™ or Windows 7™
  • Pentium II 266 MHz
  • RAM as specified by PC operating system
  • 60 Mb hard disk space and 1 CD drive
  • Colour SVGA monitor running at 800 x 600(1024 x
    768 recommended)
  • 1 RS232 or USB port (where applicable)
  • Mouse