ProfiSignal Go Software

  • Multichannel measurement data acquisition and evaluation
  • Users can monitor and evaluate processes both online and offline
  • Measurement data can be exported to other analysis programs (e. g. Excel, Diadem)
  • Supports continuous processes with continuous data recording
  • Supports batch processing with preset start/stops
  • Network compatible
  • Parallel running of multiple diagrams with different configurations and channels

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Profisignal Go Software

Delphin’s ProfiSignal Go Software is intended for users in industry, universities, and institutes who are involved in measurement and process data acquisition and evaluation. ProfiSignal Go can be run with any Delphin hardware products.

Delphin has discovered the fastest path to get from sensor to trend output. Users are able to quickly commence measurement data acquisition and evaluation. A range of functions are available to users to meet their measurement requirements.

Online analysis

ProfiSignal Go is based on online analyses, each with a diagram and channels selected by the user.

The online analysis feature is the shortest method available for users to get from sensor to trend output, and the simplest method available for users to analyze measurement data. Potential applications include servicing, mobile applications, error detection and system installation.

Online analyses can use trend diagrams (y(t)-diagram), characteristic curves (y(x)-diagram) or logic diagrams.

Y(t)-diagrams and trends

A trend can process large numbers of channels. A hide/show function enables the display and highlighting of specific channels. A trend can have up to 4 measurement axes. Each axis can be assigned channels. Axes can be extended and compressed and cascaded.

Recording data from online analysis

Batch data recording

Batch recording enables users to use dialogs to define process start/stops. Manual and automatic start/stops are available. Data files are automatically assigned names but users can also manually enter data file names. The saving of batch data is useful for series testing/experiments, fault diagnostics and the monitoring of machinery and production processes.

Continuous data recording

Data from continuous processes can be monitored online and evaluated offline. Continuous data storage is useful for monitoring continuous production processes, for acquiring data, for long-term trials/experiments etc. Measurement data can be saved in the background while users set up new online analyses and evaluate data from other online analyses.

Measurement data analysis

ProfiSignal Go software is equipped with online and offline modes. The online mode enables users to monitor the state of their current processes.

In offline mode, users can access historical data even at high data resolution. Panning is possible along the time axis. Specific data can be visualized by compressing/extending the time and value axes.

Users can switch between online and offline modes at the click of the mouse. ProfiSignal Go has an extensive range of analysis functions. These are accessed via buttons on the toolbar.