• USB and Bluetooth communication
  • Integrated dual linear polarized antenna
  • Ergonomic form factor
  • Battery powered
  • iPhone/iPad compatibility
  • Internal scripting engine


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The R1240I Wearable Bluetooth RFID Reader by CAEN RFID is a UHF multiregional RFID reader with integrated antenna for short to medium range applications. It is compliant with ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1G2 standards.

The reader hosts an internal rechargeable battery and can operate both in wired mode, using a USB cable, or in wireless mode through the Bluetooth® interface.

Thanks to the Bluetooth® communication interface, the R1240I is a perfect add-on for any Bluetooth® enabled hosts such as a PC, a smartphone, a PDA or a tablet for UHF RFID readings. The reader is compatible with Windows XP/7, Windows CE/Mobile, Android and iOS operating systems.

The reader can also operate in “Batch Mode”, allowing to store up to 500.000 EPC codes into the internal memory when the communication links (USB or Bluetooth®) are not available.

The qID can work autonomously thanks to its internal scripting engine: the user can upload a script to be executed when the trigger button is pressed. The scripting language is very powerful and, in addition to the standard programming language constructs, it permits to access to all the Gen2 commands, the optional barcode scanner, the LEDs and the internal memory.

An optional 1D/2D barcode imager enables the qID to read most barcode standards. This enables the qID to be the perfect identification device in mixed barcode/RFID labels environment.

When paired to a smartphone or a tablet, the qID is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive handheld devices. Designed for mobile operators in indoor or outdoor areas, the qID is ideal for inventory management, field sales mobility, service, and maintenance applications.

A kit is available that includes the R1240I Wearable Bluetooth RFID Reader, temp tags, and labels.


Frequency Range 865.600÷867.600 MHz (ETSI EN 302 208 v. 1.4.1.)
902÷928 MHz (FCC part 15.247)
RF Power Programmable in 8 levels from 10dBm (10mW) e.r.p. to 27dBm (500mW) e.r.p.
Antenna Integrated dual linear (horizontal and vertical)
Number of Channels 4 channels (compliant to ETSI EN 302 208 v. 1.4.1.)
50 hopping channels (compliant to FCC part 15.247)
Standard Compliance ISO 18000-6C / EPC C1G2
Read Range up to 1.5m. (typical)
Connectivity USB Interface:USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbit/s) device port Bluetooth Interface:Class 1 with output power 5dBm e.i.r.p.
Virtual COM port parameters:
– Baudrate: up to 921.600kbps
– Databits: 8
– Stopbits: 1
– Parity: none
– Flow control: none
User Interface Button #1:ON/OFF
Button #2: Trigger
Led #1: power indication and battery status (green: high; red: low)
Led #2: communication activity (blue: Bluetooth; orange: USB)
Led #3: operation result (green: OK; red: not OK)
Buzzer: bitonal for events signalling
Internal Buffer Size 6MByte (equivalent to 500.000 EPC codes@96bit) (TBC)
Barcode Reader 1D and 2D imager (only in Mod. WR1240IXBAAA)
Battery Type Li-Ion 3.7V, 2100mAh
Battery Life Operating: > 8h
Standby: > 7 days
Battery Charging Time 7h from USB port
3h with AC/DC adapter
IP Rating IP 32
Dimensions 140 x 90 x 35 mm3 max. (5.5 x 3.6 x 1.4 in3)
Length of USB cable 1,5 m
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +55 °C
Weight 180g max. (without barcode module installed)
191g max. (with barcode module installed)