TandD RTR-505-Pt

  • Records from -199 to 650°C
  • Module temperature at 10 to 40°C: ±0.3°C + 0.3% of reading
  • Other temperatures: ±0.5°C + 0.3% of reading
  • 16,000 point memory
  • Measures in both °C, °F
  • Wireless communication range of up to 150 meters (500 feet)
  • LCD Display
  • Battery life of about 10 months
  • WebStorage Service available
  • Additional Base Station required for communication



Additional Equipment Required

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The RTR-505-Pt Wireless RTD Data Logger which supports Pt100 (3-wire / 4-wire) and Pt1000 (3-wire / 4-wire) sensors.

Download Data via Wireless Communication with a Base Unit

Recorded data can be downloaded from the RTR-505 data logger (Remote Unit) via wireless communication with a Base Unit. The wireless communication range between a Remote Unit and a Base Unit is about 150 meters [500 ft]. By registering an RTR-500 as a Repeater, it can be used to expand the wireless communication range.

Large Logging Capacity: Up to 16,000 Readings

16,000 readings means you can record every one second and still log four and a half hours of data; or at a recording interval * of 60 minutes you can keep logging for 666 days. A Base Unit can download via wireless communication one RTR-505 Remote Unit at full logging capacity (16,000 readings) in about two minutes.

Low Energy Consumption Design

The RTR-505 Data Logger uses one Lithium Battery (LS14250). At normal temperature, if recorded data is downloaded once a day or if monitoring is carried out once every ten minutes, the estimated battery life will be about ten months. Model names which include “L” are designed with a large capacity battery pack. Under the same conditions, L-type models will continue for about four years without the need to change the battery.

Battery life varies depending upon the type of battery, the measuring environment, and the frequency of communication. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life.


  • For temperature recording of cooking equipment such as pans, fryers, and ovens
  • For temperature management of refrigerated and frozen goods
  • Managing temperature for blood transport

Measurement with a Variety of Sensors

The RTR-505 allows for a variety of commercially available sensors to be connected to the included Input Module.
This new flexibility has widened the range of possible applications without having to change Base Units.

Possible to Adjust Measurements

It is possible to make adjustments to measurements for each RTR-500 Series Remote Unit by using the exclusive application “Adjustment Tools”.

View the RTR-500 Product Brochure (PDF) or the RTR-500 Overview Video.


Measurement Items (*1) Temperature (Pt100, Pt1000)
Unit of Measurement °C, °F
Recording Intervals Select from 15 choices: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec. / 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min.
Logging Capacity 16,000 readings
Recording Modes Endless: Upon reaching logging capacity, the oldest data is overwritten and recording continues.
One Time: Recording automatically stops when logging capacity is full.
* When using RTR-500NW or RTR-500AW as a Base Unit, only “Endless” can be selected.
LCD Displayed Items Measurement, Recording Status, Recording Mode, Battery Life Warning, Unit of Measurement, Full (Logging Capacity FULL), Sensor Unconnected, Input Module Unconnected, Measurement Range Exceeded, Display Range Exceeded)
Power Lithium Battery LS14250 (*2) x 1 / Lithium Battery CR2 x 1
For L type: Large Capacity Battery Adaptor Kit (RTR-500B1 /sold separately)
External Power Adaptor Kit (RTR-500A1 /sold separately)
Battery Life (*3) About 10 months (for temperature measurement)
About 4 years (for temperature measurement with L type)
Radio Standard Specifications FCC Part15 Section247 / IC RSS-210
(Frequency Range: 902 to 928MHz)
Wireless Transmission Range About 150 meters (500ft) if direct and unobstructed
Communication Interfaces Wireless Communication / Optical Communication
Communication Time When downloading one Remote Unit at full logging capacity
Wireless Communication: about 2 min.
Optical Communication: about 160 sec.
Waterproof Capacity Splash proof (rated for use in daily life) (*4)
Dimensions H62mm x W 47mm x D19mm (excluding protrusions and sensor)
L type: D 46.5mm (with Large Capacity Battery Pack)
Antenna length: 24mm
Weight About 55g (including battery / excluding Input Module)
L Type: about 109g (with Large Capacity Battery Pack)
Operating Environment – 30 to 80°C (*5)
(The operating temperature range and measurement range is -40 to 80°C but wireless communication cannot occur in an environment of less than -30°C.)
Other A Base Unit is required separately.
(Compatible Base Units: RTR-500, RTR-500NW, RTR-500AW)
(*1) For information about measurement range, see the specifications of each Input Module in the Options Page.

(*2) The included lithium battery (LS14250) is not sold in stores. Please purchase the optional battery set for low-temperature use (TR-11P2) for replacement.

(*3) Battery life varies depending upon the connected Input Module, measuring environment, frequency of communication, Unit settings, and battery performance.

(*4) This is the waterproof capacity of a Unit with an Input Module connected. Note that sensor connector of the Input Module is not water resistant.

(*5) If you are using a Data Logger in an environment where temperatures may be lower than -20°C or higher than 60°C, we strongly suggest purchasing and using the optional battery set for low-temperature use (TR-11P2)

WebStorage Service

Free Online Service for Cloud Data Storage

It’s never been so easy to share your recorded data via the Internet! T&D’s free WebStorage Service is perfect for processing and managing data recorded in remote places or for allowing several people to view the same recorded data at their convenience. Users can check the current conditions of data loggers such as battery level and radio signal strength between the Base Unit and Remote Unit. Recorded data can be transmitted to the WebStorage Service from any compatible Tamp;&D product. Data storage capacity is 20MB.

Additionally, the data transmitted to T&D WebStorage Service can be accessed via your browser from anywhere, anytime, as long as an internet connection is available. Mobile device apps are also available for devices running iOS and Android.

Compatible Products

Users can setup automatic data transmission from the following T&D products to the WebStorage Service:


Software Packages

RTR-500 GSM for Windows

  • RTR-500GSM Settings Utility
  • Temperature / Humidity Graph
  • Adjustment Tools

RTR-500W for Windows

  • RTR-500W Settings Utility
  • Temperature / Humidity Graph
  • Multi-Scale Graph
  • Data Download Tool
  • Adjustment Tools

RTR-500 for Windows

  • RTR-500 Settings Utility
  • RTR-500 for Windows
  • Temperature / Humidity Graph
  • Multi-Scale Graph
  • Adjustment Tools

RTR-500DC for Windows

  • RTR-500DC Settings Utility
  • RTR-500DC Manager
  • Temperature / Humidity Graph
  • Multi-Scale Graph
  • Data Download Tool
  • Adjustment Tools

“Settings Utility” Program makes Settings a Snap!

The Settings Utility application is used to take care of all Base Unit settings and registration of Remote Units and Repeaters. After having
registered and placed the Remote Units and Repeaters in the field, it is possible to run communication tests to check signal strength
between the various units to ensure stable communication.

Easy-to-Understand Operation Guide

The Operation Guide that is part of the software uses easy to understand terms to help lead you through all the necessary steps and setting
procedures. If during setup you get confused or have trouble, just simply open the Operation Guide in the same on-screen window and
make settings while consulting the Guide.

Difficult Cellular Phone Network Settings made Easy

When using the RTR-500GSM, we have included an “Initial Settings Wizard” which guides you through what otherwise would be the
difficult process of setting up the unit for GSM network communication; just put in the SIM Card and turn on the Wizard.

Intuitive User-Friendly Graph Tools (Temperature / Humidity Graph and Multi-Scale Graph)

With either program you can view up to eight channels of data in one graph.The Graph programs intuitive operation allows the User to
easily hide or view channels, zoom in and out on data, switch back and forth from °C to °F, and view data in table form.

View in Table Form

Graph data can be easily viewed as a data list. The highest and lowest values are
shown in easily distinguishable colors.

From Graph Editing to Data Analysis

It is possible to hide, re-order and delete channels, edit recording start times, and
make changes to colors used for the graph scale lines, data lines and background.
Also move the A and B cursor at the bottom of the graph to view data readings
for those points and the calculated difference between the points.By saving
graph data as CSV Format Text File data, that data can then be uploaded into
common spreadsheet software for data analysis.

Remote Unit Adjustment Settings

When using multiple measuring devices, this function allows the user to correct for inaccuracies found in measured values when compared to
a standard measurement (the value measured by the standard device). Measurements can be adjusted and recorded based on a standard
measurement. The RTR-500 Series Software allows for adjustment settings to be made to Remote Unit measurements by simply selecting the
adjustment method from either “1 Point Adjustment” or “2 Point Adjustment” and entering the values for “Before Adjustment” and “After