T&D RTR-507 Wide Range Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

  • Wide Range Temperature: -30°C ~ 80°C
  • Wide Range Humidity: 0 ~ 99% RH
  • High Accuracy Temperature: 0.3°C
  • High Accuracy Humidity: 2.5% RH
  • Calibrate w/Internal Adjustment Function
  • Compatible with all RTR-500 Series Collectors
  • Automatic Error Free Data Downloads
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Additional Base Station required for communication



Additional Equipment Required

  • T&D RTR-500MBS-A Mobile Base Station - $497 | Add to cart
  • T&D RTR-500NW Wired Ethernet Network Base Station - $367 | Add to cart
  • T&D RTR-500DC Wireless Data Logger Handheld Data Collector - $317 | Add to cart
  • RTR-500AW Wireless Ethernet Network Base Station - $417 | Add to cart


This temperature/humidity recorder is fully compatible with TandD’s popular 500 series of wireless dataloggers and collectors and records over a wider range, measuring temperature from -30°C to +80°C (-22°F to +176°F) as well as relative humidity levels from 0-99% RH. Temperature recordings are made at a high 0.3°C accuracy, and humidity readings at a 2.5% RH accuracy. Users can also calibrate using an internal adjustment function, making logging even easier. As with all of the RTR-500 product line, these new solutions enable automatic error-free data downloads for convenient data collection and retrieval.

Compatible Base Units

Network Base Station: RTR-500NW/RTR-500AW
Wireless Base Station: RTR-500
Portable Data Collector: RTR-500DC

Large Logging Capacity: Up to 16,000 Readings

16,000 readings means you can record every one second and still log four and a half hours of data; or at a recording interval * of 60 minutes you can keep logging for 666 days. A Base Unit can download via wireless communication one RTR-501 Remote Unit at full logging capacity (16,000 readings) in about two minutes.

Low Energy Consumption Design

The RTR-501 Data Logger uses one Lithium Battery (LS14250). At normal temperature, if recorded data is downloaded once a day or if monitoring is carried out once every ten minutes, the estimated battery life will be about ten months. Model names which include “L” are designed with a large capacity battery pack. Under the same conditions, L-type models will continue for about four years without the need to change the battery.

Battery life varies depending upon the type of battery, the measuring environment, and the frequency of communication. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life.

Possible to Adjust Measurements

It is possible to make adjustments to measurements for each RTR-500 Series Remote Unit by using the exclusive application “Adjustment Tools”.

View the RTR-500 Product Brochure (PDF) or the RTR-500 Overview Video.


Measurement Range-30 to 80℃
0 to 99%RH
Accuracy±0.3°C (at 0 to 50°C)
±2.5% (at 25°C, 10 to 85%RH)
Logging Capacity8,000 data sets (One data set consists of readings for both temperature and humidity.)
Wireless Transmission RangeAbout 150 meters (500 ft) if direct and unobstructed
PowerLithium Battery
Operating Environment-40 to 80℃ (-10 to 80℃ during wireless communication)