Eltek RX250AL

  • Data Logger with an integrated wireless receiver
  • Alarm and optional GSM text output
  • 24-hour built-in standby battery
  • 247K readings expandable to 2M readings
  • Dual RS232 serial ports
  • Transmitter battery alarm
  • Display and keypad for “online” metering
  • Extensive communications options



The RX250AL Receiver Logger is the heart of a GenII logging system. Because the RX250AL is responsible for receiving and storing the data, it is not necessary to have a PC permanently connected. The built-in battery means data logging is not interrupted even if there is a temporary AC power failure.

The RX250AL is compatible with all of the transmitters in the Eltek GenII family. It can connect with up to 125 transmitters and store data for up to 250 measurement channels. Standard internal memory can store almost a quarter million readings and can be expanded for up to 2 million readings.

The logger comes standard with 2 serial ports for connection to a PC or an optional cellular modem, USB or Ethernet converter.


Number of channels: Up to 250
Number of transmitters: Up to 125
Ambient temperature: -10 to +55°C
Humidity: Up to 95% (non condensing)
Power supply: 12V DC at 500mA powered using type MP12U, (input 100-250V AC)
Built-in batteries: 6 x AA Ni Mh battery
Backup battery life: Typically 24 hours
Memory: 247,000 readings expandable to 2,000,000
Clock accuracy: 1 second/day at 20°C
Dimensions: D 60mm x W 180mm x H 120mm
Weight: 1Kg inc. batteries
Case material: Scratch resistant Nextel coated ABS
PC/modem interface: RS232C up to 38.4K Baud
Receiver: Crystal controlled
Sensitivity: UHF: -117dBm
Antenna connector: SMA 50 ohm female
Antenna: Quarter wave standard, lightweight dipole optional
Communication options: USB, GSM and Ethernet
Alarm: RX250AL: SMS + 1 contact closure, RX250ALD: SMS + 2 contact closures


Darca Plus – Standard configuration, monitoring, and data retrieval software for GenII systems

Darca Heritage – Enhanced version of Darca for monitoring large sites over long periods of time


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