Secure Streaming Management Software

  • Secure central server
  • Worldwide Rebel management
  • Individual project and logger administration
  • Continuous data streaming
  • Access to data from all loggers for engineers anywhere in the world

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Secure Streaming Management Software

Influx Secure Streaming Management Software provides the user with complete secure server system with no infrastructure required.


  • Secure data storage
  • Collates all vehicle data files in one environment for access when required
  • Provides access to data for engineers from anywhere in the world
  • Redundant back up server system to ensure minimal down time

Remote Access

Utilizing GPRS for worldwide connections or Bluetooth for localized connections to Rebel data loggers you can:

  • Monitor data logger information and vehicle status and GPS location
  • Retrieve recorded vehicle data
  • Reconfigure the data logger for alternative tasks

Administration and Fleet Management

The server database system provides secure individual administration and data management features:

  • Editable projects with assignable administrators, locations and teams
  • Assign Rebels, Vehicles and Engineers as required
  • Search by date and for specific items with filtering
  • Review and organise recorded data files

Data Streaming

Continuous transmission of key data items to the server:

  • Select a number of sets of key data items to transmit to the server from each Rebel
  • Monitor data being captured and ensure successful data logging
  • Immediate review of data and indication of events
  • Built-in oscilloscope tool
  • Link to full data files for detailed data analysis