UX90-001M State Pulse Event Logger


  • LCD displays Time On or %On
  • Auto calibration signal strength indicator
  • Four recording modes
  • Internal reed switch to monitor open/close
  • Compatible with wide range of external sensors
  • Supports Event, kWh, Motor On/Off, Pulse Input, Runtime, State Open/Closed and Water Flow

Additional Equipment Required

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The HOBO State/Pulse/Event/Runtime data logger records state changes, electronic pulses and mechanical or electrical contact closures from external sensing devices.

This logger is ideal for monitoring energy consumption, mechanical equipment operation, and water and gas flow. The HOBO® UX90-001M has an expanded 512KB memory capable of over 346,795 measurements.

HOBO and Onset are trademarks of Onset Computer Corporation, Bourne, Massachusetts (USA).


Internal Sensor
Maximum State, Event, Runtime Frequency: 1 Hz
Preferred Switch State No magnet present (normally open)
External Input
External Contact Input: Electronic solid state switch closure or logic driven voltage output
Range 0 to 3 V DC (USB powered), 0 to 2.5 V DC (battery powered)
Maximum Pulse Frequency: 50 Hz
Maximum State, Event, Runtime Frequency: 1 Hz
Pulse, Event Lockout Time: 0 to 1 second in 100 ms steps
Solid State Switch Closure: Input Low: < 10 K; Input High: > 500 KΩ
Internal Weak Pull-Up: 100 KΩ
Input Impedance: Solid state switch closure: 100 KΩpull up
Resolution Pulse: 1 pulse, Runtime: 1 second, State and Event: 1 State or Event
Logging Rate 1 second to 18 hours, 12 minutes, 15 seconds
Time Accuracy ±1 minute per month at 25°C (77°F) (see Plot A)
Battery Life 1 year, typical with logging intervals greater than 1 minute and normally open contacts
Memory 512 KB (346,795 measurements, maximum)
Download Type USB 2.0 interface
Download Time 10 seconds for 128 KB; 30 seconds for 512 KB
Logger Operating Range Logging: -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F); 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Launch/Readout: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F) per USB specification
LCD LCD is visible from: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F); the LCD may react slowly or go blank in temperatures outside this range
Size 3.66 x 5.94 x 1.52 cm (1.44 x 2.34 x 0.6 in.)
Weight 23 g (0.81 oz)
Environmental Rating IP50
The CE Marking identifies this product as complying with all relevant directives in the European Union (EU).


Onset® HOBOware software supports all HOBO® data loggers and is available free for download.

Standard Features

  • Simple menus for fast, easy logger setup and readout
  • Point & click for fast setup and readout
  • Scaling to real-world engineering units
  • Presentation-quality graphs
  • Easy export of data files to text or Excel format
  • Free download

Easy Setup

Logger setup and readout is fast and easy with simple, intuitive windows.

Powerful Tools

Graphing and analysis tools allow you to plot, analyze and extract key data with just a few simple clicks.


Presentation Quality Graphs

Easily create high-quality visual presentations of your data.

HOBOware Pro Software

In addition to the free standard HOBOware software, a Pro version is available for purchase. HOBOware Pro features include:

  • Time-saving tools for fast setup & readout
  • Advanced plotting tools for more precise data analysis
  • Access to Data Assistants for post-processing data
  • Ability to create Pie Charts
  • Crop a series to a specific time frame
  • Subset Statistics Tool for details within a time frame
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Data Shuttle support
  • HOBOnode Manager to support ZW Data Nodes