WattNode WND-WR-MB

  • 100-600 Vac, wye and delta, single-phase and three-phase with a single model
  • Correct wiring errors remotely
  • Change a CT’s polarity
  • Change a CT to a different line voltage
  • SunSpec certified
  • Updates readings every 100 ms
  • Class 0.5 accuracy


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The WattNode WND-WR-MB Wide-Range Modbus® energy meter from Continental Control Systems measures bi-directional energy (kWh), power (kW demand), voltage, current, power factor, and much more. It works on all electrical services from 100 to 600 Vac, single-phase or three-phase, wye or delta. It can be powered line-to-neutral or line-to-line and communicates with any of our data loggers that support the Modbus® RTU protocol which includes the dataTaker DT8x family, Delphin Expert family, and Infinite ADU systems.

The WattNode WND-WR-MB requires external Current Transformers with 0.333 Vac output voltage. Choose from one of the following or supply your own. Other models/ranges available on request.


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