Accsense Electrocorder

Accsense Electrocorder data loggers are electrical logging devices monitoring power/energy, current/voltage, power factor and more. Electrocorder products are used for in-situ logging to identify issues with supply and equipment.

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Accsense Electrocorder data loggers calculate and prove the value of future energy savings and are a low-cost investment for long-term energy savings. Electrocorder constantly samples every cycle multiple times (recording the Min, Max and Average) over the set period. Additionally, specialized Electrosoft software is included FREE with every unit to assist with data interpretation, enabling users to define the voltage to plot power and energy, then simply upload their recorded data via USB to a PC for analysis.

A great alternative to Fluke and Hawk 3000 & Hawk 5000 Energy Meters, we offer a range of portable power, voltage and current loggers designed to make your job easier. Why would you buy a logger / meter that sleeps 99.9% of the time? A utility recloser voltage sag only lasts 6-cycles…with other sampling loggers, 2 cycles out of every 60, they could miss up to 9-sags every minute, Electrocorder data loggers will constantly log the data you need for up to 300 days.

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