Accsense Monitoring

Accsense monitoring systems for continuous, real-time monitoring and alarming for refrigerator, freezers, cryostats and more. Specializing in monitoring solutions for medical, laboratory, clinical, pharmaceutical applications. To see how Accsense Monitoring systems work, view our Accsense Monitoring software live demo by clicking here.

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Accsense temperature monitoring systems provide online real-time measurement designed for your critical medical, laboratory, and healthcare applications. By leveraging the convenience offered by wireless and Internet technologies, Accsense data loggers are user-friendly and quick to deploy.

Logging on to the securely hosted cloud-based software service, medical staff have online access to collect data, monitor conditions, and setup alarms.

Accsense continually watches for equipment and power failures around the clock, sending out phone calls and text warnings whenever your temperatures go out of safe ranges. Additionally, Accsense features electronic documentation to help your institution achieve regulatory compliance with HIPAA, JCAHO and other patient confidentiality demands.

Our Accsense monitoring systems include wired, wireless and WiFi systems which use internal and external sensors to continually measure common parameters such as temperature.

Accsense remote monitoring systems automatically send data to a secure server for storage. Accsense lets you configure powerful alarms which send out email, pager or phone notifications whenever your temperature or other values go out of specification. These wireless monitoring systems also send out Power or Internet outage notifications. Users sign in using a standard web browser to retrieve reports and graphs or to modify the system configuration from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Accsense is commonly used for temperature and humidity monitoring in hospitals and pharmacies, for environmental monitoring in industry and medical cleanrooms, cold chain storage, and in many other industries.

View a list of Accsense users who have been awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™.

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