Ethernet Monitoring Systems

Accsense Ethernet Monitoring Systems are network connected temperature measurement units that allow you to collect, monitor, and record securely with all the alarming capabilities needed; including full access to your data through a standard web browser via the Accsense Monitoring Software. To see how Accsense Monitoring systems work, view our Accsense Monitoring software live demo by clicking here.

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Accsense Systems are designed to securely record temperature measurements and provide alarming capabilities in medical refrigerators, freezers, cryogenic storage, incubators, and more.

Accsense Ethernet Pods have 2 RTD and 1 Type T Thermocouple sensor inputs making it incredibly cost effective for multi-point monitoring. In addition to email, SMS and voice notification for temperature alarms, the

Accsense System can also provide notifications for a loss of power or communication interruption. In the event of a loss of the network connection, the data logger can locally store data until the connection is restored.

Kits are available for applications including but not limited to Vaccine Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, Ultra Low-Temperature Monitoring, Fridge & Freezer Monitoring, and Cryo Monitoring.

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