Monitoring Software

Accsense Monitoring Software provides customers with a simple, easy to use browser-based interface for configuration, real-time and historical data display and data retrieval for all of the Accsense measurement pods. To see how Accsense Monitoring systems work, view our Accsense Monitoring software live demo by clicking here.

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Accsense Monitoring Software requires no software installation of any kind and is a 100% web-based application accessible from any device with a browser and an internet connection. The main page provides a dashboard of most recent measurements from all sensor pods to give you access instantly to all the data that is important to you and your application.

A simple point and click interface allows easy configuration of sample rates, sensor names and alarm settings. The Accsense software provides comprehensive alarm notification for measured values, power loss or connection interruption with the ability to set up customized E-mail, text message, and voice synthesized phone call alerts that best suits your needs.

In addition to displaying current values, a charting function allows display of historical data for one or multiple sensors with customizable scaling and date ranges. In addition to the trend display, the chart provides statistical information, min, max, average, for the selected date range. Data from the chart can be quickly downloaded in a text file suitable for use with programs like Excel or for local archival.

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