Wireless Monitoring Systems

Accsense Wireless Monitoring Systems provide a simple and reliable way to securely measure temperature, humidity, voltage or current, and view data in a standard web browser with robust alarming. To see how Accsense Monitoring systems work, view our Accsense Monitoring software live demo by clicking here

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The product family includes 7 models of wireless transmitters for different types of measurements and a LAN connected the wireless gateway to collect the data and send it to the Accsense cloud-based On-Line Monitoring System which provides secure data collection, storage and alarming.

Depending on the model, Accsense Wireless Pods have 2-6 measurement inputs and offer a range of up to 250ft outdoors and 90ft indoors utilizing a Mesh network topology. These wireless pods include local memory to buffer readings and battery backup to continue to operate in the event of a power outage.

Data is relayed through the wireless gateway to the Accsense cloud servers. In addition to forwarding the measured data, in the event of a network connection loss, the gateway can store data locally until the connection is restored.

The Accsense Wireless Monitoring Systems utilizes a browser-based interface to provide configuration, real-time and historical monitoring and data download capabilities, anytime, anywhere. It provides email, SMS and voice alarms for measured values along with notifications for a loss of power or communication interruption. Kits are available for applications including but not limited to Vaccine Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, Ultra Low-Temperature Monitoring, Fridge & Freezer Monitoring, and Cryo Monitoring.

We also offer Ethernet versions for wired temperature monitoring.

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