Acumen data loggers include compact, rugged data recorders for RS-232 serial data storage on a PC-compatible file using Compact Flash storage. Capture serial data from scales, meters, gas analyzers, PLC’s and mixers.


Acumen’s DataBridge SDR2 is a self-contained, low-power tool for logging RS-232 and other serial data to flash media—an ideal replacement for PC-based data systems.

The SDR2’s configuration flexibility and straightforward setup make it easy to deploy into any serial data recording application. You can be recording your data within minutes–not days or weeks.

Common applications for the Acumen serial data logger:

  • Weighing and Measurement
  • Paperless Serial Printer
  • Logging NMEA GPS Data
  • Site Surveying for Wind and Solar Power Generation
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Industrial Processes & Manufacturing
  • Petroleum & Oil Services Equipment Logging
  • Automotive Design & Vehicle Testing
  • Aerospace Data Logging

Acumen Instruments makes it easy to add data storage to any device or system with their DataBridge SDR2-CF serial data logger. An SR2-CF Kit is also available that conveniently packages the SDR-2 serial data logger, 1.0 GB Compact Flash Card, AC Power Supply, Serial cable, and a USB CF Card Reader for the PC—everything you need to get started logging serial data!

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