AEMC data loggers include the Simple Logger, PEL and PowerPad family of data loggers to provide easy to use, cost-effective solutions to monitoring AC or DC voltage and current for equipment and power quality monitoring in industrial, commercial and utility applications.

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Single, dual, four, and eight channel data loggers are available to measure a wide variety of AC, DC, pulse, and environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow. Comprehensive software is included for instrument configuration, data download, and report generation. Wired and wireless communication options allow access to the data locally or anywhere in the world. There are many compatible current probes available as accessories for select models.

AEMC power and power quality analyzers, loggers, and meters are useful tools in the industrial, facilities management and general electrician environments. They support a wide range of applications including electrical monitoring, harmonic detection & analysis, utility testing, energy management, power factor analysis and correction, power demand and consumption, kW measurement, industrial power systems, and commercial maintenance.

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