Power & Energy Loggers

We know how critical it is for electricians and facility maintenance professionals to troubleshoot and benchmark power quality issues over time. Our easy-to-use line of portable power quality analyzers, power and energy loggers, and meters are designed to:

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  • Identify power, quality, and energy waste in your facility
  • Ensure continuity of service Find intermittent problems with voltage
  • Detect and prevent power issues before they become costly problems
  • Record trend, transient, event, and harmonic data simultaneously – save time finding problem areas.
  • Assist in capturing accurate power and energy data necessary to maintain optimum performance and reliability
  • Included DataView® software for easy analysis and reporting
  • Real-time display provides on-site analysis capability
  • All key measurement functions are available with one-button access – eliminating confusion and error
  • All deeded probes and accessories included – no guesswork needed to be sure you have everything you need

Powerful and Flexible Data Analysis Software

AEMC DataView software is included to provide valuable insights about the performance of your electrical system. The software helps you:

  • Display and analyze real-time data
  • Configure functions and parameters
  • Customize views, templates, and reports to your exact needs
  • Display waveforms, trend graphs, harmonic spectrums, text summaries, transients, event logs, and stored alarms
  • A lifetime of free updates

Applications of Use

AEMC Power & Energy Loggers support a wide range of applications including:

  • Power and electric monitoring
  • Harmonic detection & analysis
  • Utility testing
  • Energy management
  • Power factor analysis and correction
  • Power demand and consumption
  • kW measurement
  • Industrial power systems
  • Commercial maintenance

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