Simple II Logger Series

AEMC Simple II Logger Series data loggers are versatile, powerful, and cost-effective. Single and dual-channel data loggers address a wide range of applications, both for general and special-purposes such as temperature, humidity, voltage, thermocouple, and events. The loggers are simple to use, with operation in a few minutes. Each data logger includes software for analyzing and reporting the recorded data.

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Simple II Logger Series Features

  • Programmable storage modes and rates
  • Accurate representation of measured signals for AC models
  • Stores over 240,000 measurements ensuring no valuable data is missed with more than 8 hours at 8 samples per second
  • Easily installed anywhere quickly – operational in seconds
  • Compact and runs on alkaline batteries
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) or USB communication (model specific)
  • Comprehensive DataView graphing, analysis and report generation software
  • Display and analyze real-time data on your PC

Data Loggers Measure a Wide Variety of Applications

  • Assists electricians and engineers in finding problems that occur randomly in fault/intermittent current detection
  • Neutral current monitoring finds unwanted leakage currents
  • Harmonic real-time current monitoring
  • Load profiling which size loads for proper transformer and meter selection
  • Process loops monitoring – finds troubled sensors and controls
  • HVAC and general temperature

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