Alternative Energy Data Loggers

Best selection of alternative energy data loggers. Industrial, portable, remote, waterproof models with mixed-inputs and multi-channels. From simple applications up to monitoring large commercial PV arrays. Rental available.

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Alternative energy data loggers are suitable all applications. Simple data loggers that can be used to monitor wind speed for site surveys to complete systems that are used to monitor large commercial PV arrays are available.

In addition to alternative energy data loggers, we can provide temperature sensors, AC and DC voltage, current transducers and pressure sensors.

Some of the capabilities of our systems include:

  • Record Generator or PV Parameters: Voltage and Current Output; PV string matching; Rotational Speed, Force, Strain, Torque; Component Temperature
  • Monitor Inverters: AC Voltage, Current, Power Output; RS-232/485 Interface for Data Collection from Smart Inverters
  • Monitor Storage Batteries: Voltage, Current In/Out; Battery Temperature
  • Record Environmental Conditions: Temperature, Humidity; Wind Speed and Direction; Incident Solar Radiation

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