Analog Data Acquisition Systems

Flexible, easy to use analog data acquisition systems in several different styles with a variety of options to measure voltage, current or temperature for laboratory, industrial, or other demanding applications.

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Suitable for any type of measurement or measurement & control project that requires capturing analog signals such as DC voltage or 4-20 mA current, temperature or the output from a sensor or transducer.  We offer accurate, reliable systems configured to suit your a measurement requirements along with powerful software for configuration and data analysis to provide a complete solution for your project.

Criteria for Choosing Analog Data Acquisition Systems:

When selecting a DAQ system, there are a number of factors that you should consider to ensure that the product you end up with meets your needs:

  1. What form factor is required: portable, benchtop or rack mount?
  2. How will it be connected: USB, LAN, wireless?
  3. How fast do the inputs need to be sampled?
  4. What type of analog inputs are required?
  5. Are other types of inputs or outputs also needed?

We offer systems that satisfy a range of needs include battery powered and portable systems for collecting data in the field, rack and DIN rail mount systems for industrial and laboratory data acquisition, and high speed/real-time systems for demanding applications including those that require feedback and closed loop control capabilities at speeds beyond what a PLC can provide.

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