HVAC Data Loggers

HVAC data loggers for application such as temperature monitoring in vents and ducts, humidity recording in storage areas, or logging CO2 levels in offices? Solutions are available to suit almost any application in need of HVAC monitoring systems that involves temperature, humidity, voltage or energy measurements.

Temperature and humidity HVAC data loggers include standalone models with USB interface, Wireless, WiFi and Ethernet connected versions, some with free cloud-based data storage. HVAC data loggers for monitoring indoor air quality are compact, highly accurate, and include CO2 levels.


If energy use is a concern, AC voltage, current and power HVAC data loggers in single and three phase models are available. They are used to monitor energy use, evaluate potential energy savings technologies and for fault isolation on both equipment and incoming power.

Finally, if you need to simultaneously collect a variety of different types of data, Universal Input data loggers can capture data from virtually any type of sensor. They can allow you to collect and analyze data to help identify heating and cooling issues, reduce energy costs, validate new equipment and troubleshoot problems.

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