Bluetooth Data Loggers

Bluetooth data loggers for temperature, RH%, current, voltage, current and power. Single and multi-channel models with mixed-input options. Monitoring environmental conditions, cold chain, R&D and more.


Bluetooth data loggers allow easy access to your data via standard, short-range wireless links. Using your smartphone or tablet, they allow you to quickly configure, monitor and download data from the data logger without a physical connection.

They are often a quicker and easier solution for data logging, whether in the field or office when it is not convenient or possible to easily gain access to the device.

Compared with other wireless technologies, Bluetooth has several advantages including very low power consumption for long life in battery-powered applications and compatibility with iOS and Android applications for support on a wide range of devices. Bluetooth data loggers quickly transmit data wirelessly from data logger to mobile device without the need to connect cables, log on to the internet, pair devices, or install computer software.

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