Cold Chain Data Loggers

Large selection of cold chain data loggers for shipping and transit of perishables in single or multi-use styles. Low-cost, easy to use models with USB, WiFi, Wireless and RFID options.

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Cold chain data loggers help organizations in the manufacturing, storage, shipping, and distribution of pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals or other products from source to final destination. Cold chain data loggers continually monitor any type of product that needs to be maintained in a temperature-controlled environment.

Monitoring your products with a temperature data logger provides an unbroken record of temperature to ensure the freshness, quality, and viability of all types of goods.

Another benefit of utilizing a cold chain monitoring system is your staff can check status at a glance and receive alarm indication whenever conditions go outside preset thresholds. These standalone solutions are easy to operate, offering user-friendly software that lets inspectors and receivers download data and reports for proof of best practices and ensure product quality. They greatly simplify the tasks of ensuring product quality and providing proof of best practices from source to destination.

In-transit transport temperature monitoring solutions feature alarming capabilities as well as reporting, and GSM cellular technology. Access your data while it’s on the go and save yourself the hassle of having to manually monitor temperature for your sensitive goods.

Cold Chain data loggers are available in single-use models or real-time multi-use systems.

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