Cooler Temperature Monitoring

Large selection of cooler temperature monitoring systems and data loggers. Solutions from small walk-in to complex industrial coolers. Monitor conditions remotely, stay informed with notifications.

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Whether your cooler is a small 100 square foot walk-in or a 10,000 square foot freezer, cooler temperature monitoring systems are easy to use, cost-effective systems for cooler temperature monitoring in applications such as life science, food, floral and warehousing.

How Many Temperature Monitoring Points Do You Need?

When selecting a cooler temperature monitoring system, one of the first questions asked is how many points within the refrigerated space do you need to monitor? For smaller coolers, one or two points may be adequate but larger coolers may require a measurement every 2000-4000 square foot.

Placement of the temperature sensors is important to get accurate readings so they should not be placed too close to doors or evaporator fans. Tall coolers may benefit from sensors at several different heights, particularly if there are stagnant “dead zones”.

Do You Need Alarming?

Some customers simply need to monitor temperature for historical record keeping or regulatory requirements. Other applications require alarm notification for temperature excursion or even power outage notification. Cooler temperature monitoring systems from TandD and Accsense utilize cloud-based servers that provide 24/7 monitoring, real-time notification and access to the data anytime, anywhere.

Wired or Wireless?

Since the monitoring system is often chosen to provide alarm notification of temperature excursions, the network communications methodology and sensor/measurement unit location must be considered when selecting a system. Battery powered temperature data loggers like the TandD TR-71WF offer the convenience of a built-in WiFi network interface.

For the best performance and battery life, it can be more desirable to locate the temperature monitoring pod, like the Accsense A1-13, outside the cooler and place a probe inside with the cable routed through a small hole in the wall. Other options include selecting a system that can be placed inside the cooler which uses a wired network connection like the TandD TR-71NW or Accsense A2-05.

Need to Monitor More than Temperature?

In some applications, temperature monitoring might not be enough. For example, with floral warehousing, it may be critical to also monitor humidity. A number of combined Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers are available that are suitable for walk-in cooler monitoring.

Universal input industrial data loggers from dataTaker and Delphin provide multiple inputs capable of capturing temperature, humidity, and many other parameters and are expandable to hundreds of input channels.

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