Analog Data Acquisition Systems

Analog Data Acquisition Systems are available in several different styles with a variety of options for any type of measurement/control project. If you need to capture analog signals such as DC voltage or current or the output from a sensor or transducer we offer accurate, easy to use systems to suit your project requirements.


Criteria for Choosing Analog Data Acquisition Systems:
1) What form factor is required – portable, benchtop or rack mount?

2) How will it be connected – USB, LAN, wireless?

3) How fast do the inputs need to be sampled?

4) What type of analog inputs are required? Are other types of inputs or outputs also needed?

Solutions that satisfy a range of needs include battery powered and portable systems for collecting data in the field, rack and DIN rail mount systems for industrial and laboratory data acquisition and high speed/real-time systems for demanding applications including those that require feedback and closed loop control capabilities beyond what a PLC can provide.

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