Industrial Data Acquisition Systems

Looking for an industrial data acquisition system to monitor a process or piece of manufacturing equipment? Industrial data acquisition systems from Brainchild, Delphin, ADwin, dataTake, and Novus are ideal for all types of industrial applications such as process or machine monitoring and control, fault diagnosis, product measurement, or data logging for compliance monitoring.


When choosing an industrial data acquisition system there are several important questions which the answer to help determine what product is best for the application:

  • How many and what type of inputs are needed?
  • What sample rate is required to capture the data of interest?
  • Are any control outputs required?
  • Is a local display needed?
  • Does the data need to feed to other equipment or software?

Depending on the model, these industrial data acquisition systems have the ability to scale from just a few channels to hundreds of input channels. Also, the different models provide different input sample rates; from once a second or slower on the low end to sample rates of 100’s of kHz or faster at the high end.

Most models offer the flexibility to mix and match I/O to meet the specific needs of the application and have an easy connection to a PC via LAN, USB or WiFi. Several models have the ability to interface to many common industrial communications buses: CAN, Profibus, Fieldbus and Modbus. They are available in compact models with DIN rail mounting for easy installation in a control cabinet, test stand, or control room.

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