Portable Data Acquisition

If you need a portable data acquisition system for measurements in the field, laboratory or factory floor, there are several solutions available that are perfect for these applications. These lightweight and compact data acquisition systems record many common parameters such as temperature, humidity voltage, current, pressure, and force. Some models offer internal batteries allowing them to be used where AC power is not available, while built-in buttons or keypads provide for stand-alone operation.


Grant Squirrel data loggers and Delphin Expert Key data acquisition systems can withstand the broad temperature range of heavy industrial applications. Further, they can survive in high shock and vibration environments or the occasional accident and rough handling.

When operating in remote areas, an intuitive user interface and means of communication with the device become vital features. Portable data acquisition systems utilize telephone connections or wireless systems to download data to remote PCs. Advanced solutions use built-in testing capabilities, allowing users to sit back as the system acquires the data. Portable data acquisition sampling rates are available in a wide variety from as low as once per day to higher than a million per second.

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