Data Logger Accessories

Data logger accessories for all products. Replacement and new accessories including batteries, cables, cases, data collectors, gateways, power supplies, probes, sensors, thermal buffers glycol bottles and more.

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 Probes and sensors for every application and all product lines including thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistors, ambient temperatures and pressure sensors. Base stations, gateways and data collectors for TandD, Accsense and Lascar. Power supplies, lithium replacement batteries, POE power supplies, external battery packs, power supplies with USB port and all power needs for Accsense monitoring systems.

Portable cases for remote and industrial applications. Cables and cable extensions for probes, sensors and power supplies. Thermal buffers and glycol bottles for refrigerator and freezer monitoring applications. Misc accessories include channel expansion modules, CANbus interfaces and Audible and visual alarms for Lascar systems.

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