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Temperature Data Loggers & Data Acquisition System for Temperature Applications

CAS DataLoggers offers one of the largest selection of temperature data loggers you will find anywhere with over 100 products from 16 different manufacturers. We have models to cover a wide range of temperatures from cryogenic to metal smelting with many different types of sensors, flexible communication options including USB, wireless, WiFi, Ethernet and cellular and continuous monitoring/alarming capabilities to meet your project needs. Whether you need a simple single channel temperature monitor or a multi-channel system to log several temperature inputs and other parameters at the same time, we can provide you with a logger to meet your exact requirements.

Not sure what type of data logger or temperature sensor you need to best suit your application? Check out our Temperature Sensors for Data Loggers tutorial for a brief overview of common sensors that can be used with our data loggers or give us a call at 800-956-4437 to discuss your requirements with one of our knowledgeable Applications Engineers.

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