dataTaker provides you with accessories for all their products including dEX configuration and monitoring software, expansion modules to increase the number of input channels, CANbus to serial converters, and portable enclosures for all your application needs.

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dataTaker provides built-in dEX web-based software with each data logger that allows configuration, real-time monitoring, and data retrieval using a standard web browser. For situations where the logger is not available the dEX desktop application allows off-line configuration. With an intuitive graphical interface and easy-to-use configuration editor, there is no limit to what you can do with the data you collect with the dataTaker systems.

Other accessories dataTaker has to offer are the dataTaker CANgate and CEM20. The CANgate is a CANbus converter that attaches to a serial port on the dataTaker data logger to read data from J1939, ISO-14230 and OBD buses. The dataTaker CEM20 is a channel expansion module that multiplexes 1 analog channel into 20 allowing up to a total of 960 inputs on one logger!

There are also rugged, portable enclosures that come in two sizes to protect your dataTaker data logging systems from external conditions such as water, dust, and accidental damage.

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