dataTaker Environmental Data Loggers are designed specifically to meet the needs of applications such as weather stations, rainfall and flood monitoring, water quality measurement, agricultural monitoring, and more.

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They are designed for very low power operation which is critical in remote monitoring applications where they must be battery or solar powered. The environmental data loggers feature an SDI-12 interface to weather stations, multi-parameter water quality sondes, and other smart sensors.

Like the other dataTaker loggers in this family, they feature an extensive list of local programming capabilities including statistical reporting of data, histograms and rainflow analysis to maximize the use of local storage. these intelligent data loggers provide the functionality of a data acquisition system, PLC, and alarm system all in one.

They utilize dataTaker’s very own dEX Web Software to allow configuration, real-time monitoring and data retrieval using a standard web browser. These environmental loggers offer a variety of communication options including Serial, Ethernet, or Cellular.

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