dataTaker Geotechnical Data Loggers are powerful, rugged, and reliable instruments for measurement of vibrating wire and other geotechnical sensors used in foundations, tunnels, mines, bridges, dams, and more.

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These geotechnical loggers extend the capabilities of the standard dataTaker DT8x family by providing frequency measurements for sensor from leading manufacturers including Slope Indicator, RST Instruments, Geokon, Soil Instruments, Roctest, and AGI. These loggers also provide for the measurement of thermistors for temperature compensation. They offer universal analog inputs, a SDI-12 interface and a variety of communication options including Serial, Ethernet, WiFi or built-in Cell modem.

Like the other dataTaker loggers in this family, they feature an extensive list of local programming capabilities including statistical reporting of data and histograms to maximize the use of local storage. These intelligent data loggers provide the functionality of a data acquisition system, PLC, and alarm system all-in-one. They utilize dataTaker’s very own dEX Web Software to allow configuration, real-time monitoring and data retrieval using a standard web browser.

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