DC Voltage Current Data Loggers

Large selection of DC voltage current data loggers for residential, commercial and industrial needs. Single and multi-channel models with ranges up to 300 Vdc and 300Adc. Rentals available.

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DC voltage & current data loggers that are specifically designed for measurement of DC voltage and DC current. Low-cost models designed for specific measurements are available and are easier to set-up but offer less flexibility. In addition, there is a good selection of general purpose data loggers that can measure DC voltage, current and allow the measurement of other input signal types.

If you have to monitor a mix of AC and DC voltage and/or current inputs, we have a great selection of Universal Input Data Loggers that can be outfitted with transducers to measure almost any type of input – from mV and uAmps to thousands of volts or amps.

Transducer Support
If you need to measure voltages and currents that are beyond the standard input ranges of these data loggers, we can provide transducers that are suitable for hundreds or thousands of amps that work with our general-purpose data loggers and allow measurement of most voltages and currents found in residential, commercial or industrial applications. These loggers also allow the measurement of other input signals types besides voltage and current.

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