DC Voltage Data Loggers

Large selection of DC voltage data loggers for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Models from low-cost, single-channel units to multi-channel, mixed-input models with up to 48 inputs. USB, WiFi and Bluetooth, serial, cellular, and ethernet options available.

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DC Voltage Data Loggers include low-cost single- and multi-channel models designed specifically for DC voltage measurements, and universal input loggers that can measure DC voltage along with many other parameters such as temperature.

When selecting which logger is best for your application there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Range of voltage to be measured
  2. Desired sample rate
  3. Amount of data to be stored

DC voltage data loggers specifically designed for DC voltage measurements are fitted for probes that can be directly connected to the signal source. These models typically cost less and are easier to setup but offer less flexibility if you think your needs change. If you think needs may change in the future or if you need to measure higher voltages, a data logger with an external transducer will allow you to change the input range by connecting a different transducer.

Also, if you need to log other signals in addition to voltage/current, or if a mix of DC and AC voltage/current needs to be monitored, a general purpose Universal Input Data Logger can be configured with appropriate transducers to enable the simultaneous measurement of multiple input signal types.

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