Delphin data acquisition systems and data loggers solve a variety of measurement and control problems in industrial and laboratory applications. They offer a range of systems for industrial, environmental, remote, vibration and transient data logging, data acquisition and control applications.

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Do you need to record measurement data? Monitor a process? Automate a test stand? Observe vibrations? Whether your requirements in measurement and testing technology are simple or complex, we have the right product. To meet your measurement and testing needs Delphin Technology has universal measurement data acquisition devices, software and tailor-made engineering technology.

Virtually every industry uses data acquisition and analysis to optimize processes and decision-making. The quality of the data acquisition is therefore vital. Delphin offers highly stable and precision hardware with easy to use software with wide ranging options for data analysis and visualization.

Expert Key devices acquire measurement data and transmit it to a PC via a USB stick or LAN connection where it can be logged and displayed in trend diagrams. LogMessage data loggers independently acquire, store, monitor and pre-process measurement data. ProfiMessage devices can be used for combined  measurement, monitoring and control tasks.

A special benefit of Delphin devices is a capability of universally configuring all channels. It is possible to synchronously acquire different types of signals in a single device. All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated and therefore suitable for non-isolated measurement procedures. Interfaces and power supplies are also isolated. This then prevents any errors occurring from earthing loops.

The ProfiSignal software, in the three versions of Go, Basic and Klicks, is ideal for performing monitoring and evaluation. Acquired measurement data is analyzed, visualized and archived. The focus is on simple and intuitive functioning so that analysis can be performed that is cost and time effective. ProfiSignal is simple to use but also capable of performing sophisticated data acquisition tasks.

A multitude of interfaces enables the device to be integrated into heterogeneous environments. Drivers are available to enable data to be imported and exported from and to other hardware and software. Laboratory equipment (such as weighing machines, analysis/output equipment) can be connected via RS232/RS485. Special protocols are available. PROFIBUS and Modbus are used for data communication with process control systems.

Application features

  • Universal and galvanically isolated inputs (mA, mV, thermocouple, Pt100(0), frequencies, impulse, vibrations…)
  • Monitoring and automation via analog and digital outputs
  • High-level data security based on logger memory and password protection
  • High-speed, potentially isolated data acquisition
  • Extensive range of options for visualization via trends and displays
  • Intuitive software for measurement data analysis
  • Configuration, visualization, analysis and operation from any PC
  • Decentralized, independent or PC-supported measurement data acquisition
  • Mobile data acquisition hardware
  • Monitoring and alarm functions (text messaging, email, digital outputs)
  • Data transfer via Ethernet, internet, intranet, GPRS/UMTS and USB

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