Expert Series

Delphin Expert Series data loggers are powerful yet easy to use universal input, stand-alone data logging systems with LAN, USB, WiFi or Cellular communications suitable for use in the lab, on the factory floor or in the field.

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Delphin Expert Series loggers are available in 4 models with up to 46 analog input channels allowing sample rates up to 1 KS/sec. The universal inputs accept voltage, mA, thermocouples, RTD’s and strain gauges. Additional digital I/O channels can be used for digital state or pulse frequency inputs or digital control outputs. Internal memory options allow local storage of up to 420 million measurements plus the Expert Series supports external data storage via USB or LAN (NAS) devices. In addition to USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Cellular communications options, these loggers come with serial, CAN and PROFIBUS interfaces plus an SDI-12 interface for environmental sensors.

One unique feature of the Expert Series is these loggers have independent operation possibilities with batteries and rechargeable features with minimal energy consumption via sleep functions. Like all of the products from Delphin, Expert Series data loggers use the ProfiSignal software package for configuration real-time monitoring and data retrieval. ProfiSignal is available in several versions, from basic online trending to a full application development environment. The new ProfiSignal Web software allows the logger to operate as a web server, making it possible to view data via a standard web browser.

The Expert Series loggers are perfect for a wide range of applications including Product Testing, Measurement Data Diagnosis, Lab DAQ, Trials & Tests, and Energy Optimization.

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