Loggito Loggers

The Delphin Loggito Loggers are compact, flexible, universal input data logging and data acquisition systems for low channel count or decentralized applications in labs, factories or in the field.

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The Loggito Loggers come in three different models with a variety of I/O options and local memory to provide flexibility to accommodate different types of data logging and data acquisition scenarios. Delphin offers a LAN, USB, and WiFi version of the Loggito Logger with either 4 or 8 universal analog input channels for measuring mV, mA, thermocouples or RTD’s (-R model cards). Additional digital I/O cards are also available to provide up to 8 digital inputs/outputs.

Loggito Loggers can be used stand-alone, storing data in internal memory or connected via LAN, WiFi or USB for data acquisition and real-time monitoring. While connected to your local PC, tablet, notebook, or smartphone, you can view your data using Delphin’s ProfiSignal or ProfiSignal Web software.

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