Delphin Message Loggers

The Delphin Message Loggers are modular, expandable data acquisition and control systems customizable with different I/O modules to fit applications including test stand automation, plant, process and equipment monitoring and fault isolation.

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The Message Loggers main chassis has 2 slots to accept a range of 9 different analog and digital I/O cards including high speed, high isolation, and vibration models. Furthermore, the unit can be expanded with up to 20 slave modules, each of which accepts 2 of these cards. Connection to a PC is via a standard Ethernet LAN interface. The Message Logger has additional communications interfaces including serial, CAN and PROFIBUS to connect to other devices or PLC’s.

In addition to basic data acquisition functions, The Message Loggers have an extensive list of built-in calculation, analysis, monitoring and alarm functions allowing it to be used as an intelligent stand-alone device. Data can be streamed to the PC or stored in up to 16 GB of internal non-volatile memory.

Like all of the products from Delphin, Message Loggers use the ProfiSignal software package for configuration, real-time monitoring, and data retrieval. ProfiSignal is available in several versions, from basic online trending to a full application development environment. The Delphin Message Loggers are perfect for a wide range of applications including Product Testing, Measurement Data Diagnosis, Lab DAQ, Trials & Tests, and Energy Optimization.

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