ProfiSignal Software

ProfiSignal Software is an easy to use, comprehensive and scalable software package for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and automation for all Delphin data logging and DAQ equipment.

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This software, which runs under Windows 7 or later, is suited to a wide range of applications from simple online trend charts to fully automated multistep test plans. ProfiSignal Software is available in three different versions with various features to best suit your data acquisition needs.

ProfiSignal Go is the standard version of the software that provides visualization of the data coming from your Message and Expert hardware in easy to use trend and x-y diagrams with basic analysis functions and customizable features.

ProfiSignal Basic is the middle tier and combines the functions from ProfiSignal Go with more operational and monitoring elements in the data visualization process that includes digital and analog displays, switches, buttons and signal lamps and the ability to generate reports.

ProfiSignal Klicks offers the most features including test automation functions, parameter and recipe input. Klicks includes the ability to create structure or flowcharts to define a sequence of events along with a graphical point and click script language that allows even basic users to create complex test stand and automation applications.

Finally, ProfiSignal includes a number of optional add-on modules for specific applications like vibration analysis, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validation, alarm management, SQL database interface, OPC clients and servers and run-time licenses.

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