Featured Fridge and Freezer Temperature Monitoring Systems

Fridge and Freezer Monitoring Systems for data logging applications such as Food, Laboratory, Life Science, Industrial and Commerical, and Medical temperature monitoring systems. Enjoy automated, hassle-free monitoring, recording and alarming solutions for your standard fridge and freezer needs. 

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With over a few dozen temperature monitoring data loggers to choose from no matter your industry or how complicated your application might be, there will be a Fridge and Freezer Monitoring solution for you. The range of products available to you covers all types of application needs from being able to monitor a hand full of refrigerators,  refrigerated warehouses, standard freezers, to ultra-low systems operating at -80°C and LN2/Cryo systems running at -200°C.

Stop the worrying of thinking your fridge or freezer might fail without you checking the temperatures yourself throughout the day. Try a hassle-free way of temperature monitoring with a new automated Fridge and Freezer Monitoring System that will protect your products or samples 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year!

Our systems offer:

  • Email, SMS and voice alarms for immediate notification
  • Cloud-based versions for web browser based data display
  • Support for FDA compliant reporting
  • Single and multi-probe models to reduce cost/points
  • Stand-alone, Ethernet, and Wireless models

If you need to record and archive data for FDA or other compliance reporting, several fridge monitoring solutions for your specific application are available. Temperature data loggers and sensors suitable for use in medical storage units, refrigerated compartments in trucks, and more can be provided.

Configuration and graphing software for printed presentation and traceability of the measured data as well as calibration and validation services for the entire system are available if needed.

Turn-key, out-of-the-box kits are available for simple and easy set-up and installation. If you need help, our staff of experienced sales engineers will review your requirements and floor plan to custom design a system that meets your exact needs and budget. Call us to get on the path to peace of mind for your fridge and freezer monitoring project.

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