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Large selection of high performance Measurement and Control Systems for machine control, test automation, closed-loop PID or positioning for research, lab, industrial or other demanding applications.

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These systems extend the functionality of basic data acquisition systems by adding programmable outputs; either analog, digital or both allowing these systems to automate tasks such as controlling other equipment or actuators during a production test of a component like a switch or an assembly such as an air conditioner. A key feature of data acquisition and control systems is the ability to measure the input parameters, very quickly calculate a new control value and update the outputs in a consistent, deterministic time.

Advanced real-time systems like ADwin can perform high speed, closed-loop feedback control for the most demanding applications including:

Control of metal fatigue test stands
Electron beam positioning control
Precision servo-hydraulic control
Control of piezo-electric actuators
Combined laser and magnet control for MOT’s

When designing a Measurement and Control System there are a number of important factors to consider:

How many and what type of inputs are required?
What outputs needed?
How fast do the inputs and outputs need to be updated?
How are the outputs controlled: open loop, closed loop, state space, etc.?
What software is required to manage the control, view and store the data?

Let us help you design a Measurement and Control System that meets your exact needs. Call us to talk with an experienced application engineer about your system requirements.

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