Food Temperature Monitoring

Automate food temperature monitoring. Systems for food producers, shippers, transport, wholesalers and restaurants. Data loggers for HACCP and FSMA compliance. USB, WiFi, Wireless, remote monitoring & alarming options.

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With the new FDA Food Code rules, HACCP Principles, and the FSMA, accurate food temperature monitoring is critical in the food industry. From monitoring and recording temperatures during storage and transportation, to spot measurement of food core temperature; there is a food temperature monitoring system that best fits your needs.

Food monitoring data loggers are used for all phases of monitoring including:

  • Warehousing
  • Refrigerated storage,
  • Transportation,
  • Cooking and processing or
  • Serving

For refrigerated storage, data loggers like the TandD TR-71wb and Accsense A1-13 can be used to monitor the temperature of refrigerators, freezers and walk-in coolers to provide consistent recording and alarms for out of range conditions. Wireless temperature monitoring systems like the TandD RTR-500BC system can be used to record temperatures during transportation. Cloud-based systems like Accsense and TandD Web Storage Service provide the ability to view data anywhere.

Food core temperature data loggers like the TandD RTR-601are ideal for HACCP compliant management for food safety. They can be used during cooking, cool down, or to monitor temperature at the point of use such as serving lines.

For large-scale operations that require food temperature monitoring, through-process data loggers like the Grant OMK-610 are suitable for walk-in or conveyor ovens used for baking and cooking. These can be used not only for routine monitoring but also as a part of a kill-step or pasteurization validation.

Lastly, some food monitoring applications require a mix of temperature measurements along with the measurement of other parameters such as voltage, current, or run-time. Universal Input Data Loggers are ideal for these kinds of projects. A complete package including the logger and transducers can be provided to enable almost any mix of signal input types.

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