OQ Temp Loggers

Grant Instruments OQ Temp Loggers provide 6 Type K or T thermocouple input channels in an easy to use, portable, battery-powered unit perfect for stand-alone, through process or portable applications.

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The OQ610 Logger can be used as a stand-alone temperature data logger or can be purchased in a kit, with probes and an enclosure as part of a complete system for through process monitoring in food and industrial applications or concrete maturity monitoring. With these loggers having a sample rate that can record data up to 8 times per second for quickly changing temperatures.

The logger has a display and keypad that allows operation without a computer. For stand-alone operation, the OQ logger has a built-in cure calculation for paint/powder coat baking applications which can display the results on the logger screen. The OQ610 Logger is supplied with either Squirrelview software for general purpose applications or Paintview software specifically for paint/powder coating cure applications. Using either of these programs, the logger can be easily configured and recorded data can be downloaded and graphed or exported into an excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

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