SquirrelView Software

SquirrelView Software is a full featured software package for all Squirrel data loggers that is intuitive, user-friendly and allows quick set-up of the data logger, speedy download of data and direct export to Excel.


The software features an easy to use spreadsheet-style interface for configuration of the input channels, sample rates, and alarms. It also offers a graphical real-time display of live data. For data retrieval and analysis, there are two options for the SquirrelView software: SquirrelView and SquirrelView Plus.

SquirrelView software allows you to export data to Excel or as a CSV file for customizable data analysis. All the data collected can be easily viewed and controlled on one single screen. The SquirrelView software allows you to also download data by date, time or events to save time when searching through all the data collected.

The second option is the SquirrelView Plus software that has all the same features of the original SquirrelView software with additional benefits that include graphical analysis of historical and online data, providing you with advanced reporting options. Specific data can be chosen and displayed on these graphs and allows the user to use their cursor to extract certain values out of the data with a single click.

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