High Speed Data Acquisition Systems

Large selection of high speed data acquisition systems from 10kS/s – 50MS/s, multichannel, modular, flexible with on-board processing and FFT for research, education, lab and industrial applications.

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These systems are ideal for capturing dynamic signals such as pressure transients, dynamic force, strain, acceleration and vibration. Modular design allows a mix of I/O capabilities to match project requirements. Local processing enables frequency domain analysis, complex triggering, closed loop control and statistical data reduction.

When choosing a system for higher speed applications there are several factors to consider in addition to sampling speed:

  • Signal type and expected measurement range
  • Sampling mode – sequential or parallel
  • Filtering both input Anti-aliasing and post-acquisition processing
  • Whether the signal is repetitive or a one-time event
  • Other post-acquisition signal processing requirements, i.e. FFT, triggering, averaging, etc.
  • Local storage requirements

Solutions are available for detonation/explosion testing, transient event detection, high-speed rotational testing, leading-edge theoretical physics experiments, component testing, and more.

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